X-ray imaging reveals concealed parasitoid wasps inside mineralised fly pupae. Credit: Photo: Georg Oleschinski/Rendering: Thomas van de Kamp

Ancient ‘alien’ wasp would eat its victims from the inside out

November 18, 2018

IT SOUNDS like one thing out of the “Alien” film collection, however wasps that lived in the course of the age of dinosaurs laid eggs inside fly pupae, with the wasps consuming the flies from the within out. The research, revealed within the scientific journal Nature, revealed that 4 new wasp species have been discovered […]

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Residents report hearing an explosion. Picture: Twitter / Richard Bailiff

Giant burning fireball stuns Aussies

November 13, 2018

The article is believed to be a meteorite. Image: Twitter / Richard BailiffSupply:Twitter A HUGE bang was reportedly heard by residents in Western Australia after an enormous, mysterious ball of sunshine beamed throughout the night time sky. Social media went nuts with stories from baffled Aussies who stated the “flaming object” ominously lit up the […]

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Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator (the purplish, blue rod-shaped cells straddling orange carbon spheres) is a species of bacteria that survives on hydrogen. It was found living within a fluid and gas-filled fracture 2.8km beneath Earth’s surface at Mponeng Gold Mine near Johannesburg, South Africa.

New ‘zombie’ lifeforms found under seabed

October 6, 2018

Scientists have drilled a 2.5 kilometres beneath the seabed and located huge underground forests of “deep life,” together with microbes that persist for 1000’s, possibly hundreds of thousands of years, researchers say. Feeding on nothing however the power from rocks, and present in a slow-motion, even zombie-like state, beforehand unknown types of life are considerable […]

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Sarah Joyce on life support in Gosford Hospital after she was struck down by meningococcal disease.

Aussie warning over deadly disease that is entirely preventable

September 26, 2018

Australia’s peak science physique is urging dad and mom to ensure their kids are vaccinated in opposition to meningococcal illness, after a latest spike in circumstances in Adelaide and the loss of life of a seven-year-old boy in southwest Sydney. The lethal illness is preventable but when all strains aren’t vaccinated in opposition to, it […]

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Linamandla and Siphosethu play outside the family’s house. Picture: Imperfect Feature Stories

An Albino family is terrified that they will be hunted by ‘healers’

September 23, 2018

AN ALBINO household in South Africa has spoken of how they’re residing in concern after a spate of grotesque murders of kids with their situation. The Tyongose members of the family have albinism and pop Themba, 54, says they’re nonetheless badly discriminated in opposition to. The crimson hair and pale pores and skin the household […]

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Medicinal marijuana is legal in Australia but has been difficult to get for many patients.

Cannabis alternative to opioid ‘epidemic’

July 9, 2018

ADVOCATES of medical hashish say it must be made extra available as Australia faces warnings that we’re “sleep strolling” right into a prescription drug overdose disaster. Deaths attributable to pharmaceutical medication used to deal with ache, nervousness and sleeplessness are rising in Australia, prompting warning that we’re heading in direction of a hidden epidemic. Producers […]

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An 1861 painting of the Wills Tragedy, a pivotal moment in the Queensland frontier wars. Picture: State Library of Queensland/Wikimedia Commons

Australia’s colonial violence unearthed

July 3, 2018

Enjoying playing cards across the fireplace, 1878. Archaeologists have unearthed artefacts from Native Mounted Police camps in Queensland.Supply:Getty Photos IN 19TH century Queensland, the Native Mounted Police have been accountable for “dispersing” (a euphemism for systematic killing) Aboriginal folks. This government-funded paramilitary drive operated from 1849 (previous to Queensland’s separation from New South Wales) till […]

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